Sustainability, at the centre

Here at Minesoils we don’t restrict ourselves to the mining industry, essentially, we operate where ever there is potential conflict over land use activities, and detailed scientific baseline information is required on soils and agriculture, to understand the potential impacts on these resources. We operate where land use activities aim to minimise impacts on the environment and existing industries, and therefore require well planned practical rehabilitation strategies.

The term ‘Minesoils’ refers to any soil material, which has undergone anthropogenic (or human) influence, through some type of mining process or disturbance. Once a soil is disturbed by mining, stripped, handled, stockpiled and replaced, it is no longer categorised as it was in situ form. It is now considered a Minesoil or an Anthroposol, meaning it has been altered in some way by humans, from its original ‘undisturbed’ state. 

All land rehabilitation is based around creating a minesoil, which is stable, resilient to erosion and capable of sustaining vegetation suitable to a targeted post mining land use. 

Our Values


+ with our Clients through genuine curiosity and understanding of their values and their needs

+ with our own passions and skills in Environmental Management


+ by demonstrating our pragmatic approach and positive attitude in all our business relationships

+ by applying our technical expertise and creative minds in all projects

MINESOILS Principal Consultant / Director

Clayton Richards

Passionate about soil management

Clayton Richards

B.Nat Res, Grad Dip Ed, Cert IV Trainer, CPSS

The majority of Clayton’s 20 year professional career has been spent as an Environmental Consultant within the NSW and QLD resources sector, focussing on soil survey and land capability assessments, mine rehabilitation, agricultural impact statements, site rehabilitation auditing, erosion and sediment control, mine closure strategies and mine planning approvals. Clayton is a Certified Professional Soil Scientist (CPSS – 2). 

Maddie Whitten

Environmental Consultant

Maddie has spent over 5 years working in the NSW Mining Industry, during which her role as an Environmental Officer saw her focus on delivering the best environmental outcomes possible, while maintaining statutory and regulatory compliance. This experience has given her a strong, functional knowledge of the NSW environmental legislation and statutory requirements applicable to the mining industry.
In early 2020 Maddie accepted a role with Minesoils Pty Ltd, working as an environmental consultant, and is eager to experience the varied challenges and opportunities provided in the consulting business.


Senior Environmental Consultant

Matt has 10+ years in environmental and health and safety consulting, primarily as a technical officer for assessments within the NSW and QLD resources and construction sectors. Matt’s career highlights have included soil survey and land capability assessments, mine rehabilitation strategy and assessment, environmental auditing, site safety auditing and hazardous materials remediation projects. In mid-2021 Matt accepted a role with Minesoils Pty Ltd as a senior environmental consultant.

Matt is a Licensed Asbestos Assessor (LAA001310).


Professionally, I simply love what I do.

I’m passionate about soils and their management. More specifically, how we can best assess, manage and rehabilitate soil profiles within sensitive natural resource projects to effectively reinstate valuable agricultural land post mining.

My drive is so future generations can benefit from well managed mining projects and their effective rehabilitation to sustainable agricultural use. Working in this field is something I am extremely proud to be a part of.

Proven Success

Clayton’s Story

After graduating from a B. Natural Resources with his honours, Clayton became an Environmental Consultant in the mining industry with Global Soil Systems (1999 – 2002). Clayton’s work focussed on mine site rehabilitation projects, erosion and sediment control, and operational mine secondment roles. In 2002, Clayton ventured out into the education sector for 4 years (2002-06) as a High School and TAFE teacher in Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science, Soil Science and Conservation & Land Management. In 2006, Clayton returned to the mining industry, joining GSS Environmental as a Senior Consultant, where he built and managed the GSSE ‘Soils, Agriculture and Rehabilitation’ team for 6 years.
At the start of 2013 Clayton stepped out of the team management role, moving into a pure project role focussed on providing technical expertise in the areas of soil assessment, mine rehabilitation and agricultural impact assessment, with SLR Consulting.  In 2018, Clayton founded MINESOILS Pty Ltd, a specialist soil, agriculture and rehabilitation consulting firm aimed at providing these services to the Australian mining industry. 

Clayton considers himself a conduit between the soil and rehabilitation researchers, government regulators, clients and the practical ‘on ground’ application of new techniques and rehabilitation methods which are applied in real life scenarios. 

Outside his career as an Environmental Consultant and Soil Scientist, Clayton lives on a small acreage on the outskirts of Tamworth with his wife and two young kids. He is an amateur masters track and field athlete and enjoys travelling to locations around Australia and the world to compete. 


Our Industries


Coal, Metalliferous, Quarries


Roads, Railways, Urban and Industrial Developments

Natural Areas

Defence Force lands, Crown Lands, State Forests

Intensive Agriculture

Poultry Farms, Feedlots, Cropping and Processing Facilities


Solar Farms, Coal Seam Gas (CSG), Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), Power Plants, Wind Farms


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